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EMERGENCY? Call 07949 976717 (if no answer leave a message with your name and number - we'll call you asap. PLEASE DO NOT SEND TEXT MESSAGES.)

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If you find an ill or injured hedgehog it will probably be suffering from hypothermia, even in summer.

Never try and force feed a hedgehog and do not put down food or water for any hog until it is has warmed up and is active again as it will be unable to swallow or digest. The danger is the fluid/food will be inhaled.

Place it on a hot (but not boiling hot) water bottle wrapped in a towel and put in a cardboard box or recycle box lined with newspaper.

Cover the box in a blanket, place in a quiet place to warm up and phone us immediately on the number above - if we can't answer please send a text message with your name and number - we will respond as soon as possible.

Hedgehogs that need help are:

Orphaned hoglets - found out of the nest in day, or when the nest has been destroyed and the mother killed or injured.

Injured hedgehogs - with open wounds, fractures, bites, burns, or trapped in some way.

Sick hedgehogs - usually found out in the day, thin, dehydrated, possibly poisoned, or with breathing problems. Hedgehogs that are unsteady on their feet (wobbling, rocking) and one with flies around them.

Autumn juveniles - young hedgehogs born late in the year, weighing under 600g from September onwards - especially if out in the day.

Hedgehogs that should be left alone

Healthy hedgehogs will often rouse from hibernation for short periods even in cold winter weather. Do not assume these hedgehogs need help unless they are underweight or obviously unwell.

Adult females in summer that are uninjured but found out in daylight may be nursing mothers. Any large uninjured hedgehogs found at night (e.g. in winter or in the road) and picked up should be put back away from the road but near where found.

Links to lists of Hedgehog & Wildlife Rescues in UK:

The British Hedgehog Preservation Society doesn't have a list published, but if you phone they will give you a contact number for a local rescue within office hours only.

Of course if you phone or email me I may be able to advise or give details of rescues local to you. This would not be a recommendation simply the result of a google search. Jo Bisley 07949 976717

About us

Wild Hogs Hedgehog Rescue research, rescue, rehabilitate and release native european hedgehogs in Frampton on Severn, Gloucester, Quedgeley, Eastington, Whitminster, Longney, Elmore, Saul, Epney, Fretherne, Arlingham, Berkeley, Slimbridge, Kingsway, Tuffley, Dursley, Severn Vale and surrounding areas of Gloucestershire.

Please feel free to contact us via the e-mail link below if you would like further information.


Each time someone switches their energy provider to Ecotricity via the link below we will receive a £25 donation per fuel. Please click here or on the image to find out more.


We are happy to give talks on our work with hedgehogs to our donors and supporters such as schools, care homes, community groups and similar organisations.

We can also accept visiting groups of upto 4 supporters at the hedgehog hospital by prior arrangement.


You can enable us to claim an additional 25% tax relief on top of your doantion provided you are a UK tax payer by downloading, completing and sending this form: Gift Aid Form

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