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Jo Bisley founded Wild Hogs as a foster base for a couple of local rescues in 2010 and soon became one of the emergency contacts for the public. Jo also founded Gloucestershire Hedgehog Network to try and ensure the hedgehogs of our county were able to access rescues that had veterinary care 24/7 and a high standard of care was available to
hedgehogs in need.

The numbers of casualties started to increase rapidly and in 2016 Wild
Hogs Hedgehog Rescue became a registered charity. At this point Jo gave up her job for the NHS and ran the rescue full time. Then the rescue grew and grew until in 2021 the rescue moved from a converted stable and tack room on Jo’s property to an independent premises next to Saul Marina. Over the 13 years Jo rescued thousands of hedgehogs and trained many new volunteers to a current team of over 40 volunteers. Jo has developed a hoglet rearing programme, saving hoglets as tiny as 15g. Jo has shared this knowledge with many other rescues and will continue to do so.

In December 2023 Jo retired as Charity Manager and Chair of Trustees and hopes to move back to Hampshire to be nearer her family. Jo’s passion for hedgehogs and wildlife continues of course and she hopes to continue to work with wildlife in the future.

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